How do I avoid issues with deliverables?


Tracking down deliverables can be a frustrating and time consuming task. The best defense is often to be as proactive as possible, clearly outlining requirements and instructions.


Thankfully, WorkMarket provides a set of tools and options to assist you in obtaining the correct deliverables within the expected timeframe.


Deliverables Instructions

Within the deliverables section of a template or new assignment, there is a text box to include custom instructions for the assigned worker. We recommend being as specific as possible here, and to outline exactly what is needed.


Deliverables Requirements

By using the deliverables requirements dropdown within a template or new assignment, you can select the type of deliverable needed, and the number of files that are expected. Each type of deliverable will then be separated into sections for the assigned worker on the assignment.


Deliverables Due Date

Once deliverable requirements have been selected, you also have the option of selecting a due date ranging from 1 to 7 days. If the worker does not upload all of the requested deliverables within the selected timeframe, a “late deliverables” label will be applied to the assignment and the worker will receive an alert notification.




Telephony Automation

Telephony automation can decrease the amount of manual follow up needed by sending mobile reminders to your workers. If this is something you or your team is interested in, please contact your Customer Success Manager to start the discussion.

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