Work Market January '17 Product Release Notes

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January '17 Release Availability: Beginning February 1st 


New Features


Off-Platform Payments


Now use your existing payment system to pay freelancers on Work Market. Companies use the core features and efficiency of Work Market’s workflow while having the flexibility to pay freelancers via their own payment systems and process. Companies create, send, and approve assignments as they normally do and then have the option to pay with their existing payment system.


See how companies use off-platform payments to pay freelancers on Work Market.





Fast Funds for Mobile       


Get paid now with Fast Funds on iPhone and Android. Fast Funds allows freelancers the option to get paid immediately once an assignment has been approved and it's now available for mobile. Download in the App Store or Goggle Play today. 







Updated Features 


Assignment Creation:  New Design and Navigation

New design and functionality for creating and sending assignments. Highlights include:
  • Navigation - Simple navigation to easily go to different sections
  • Add/Remove Modules - Admins can customize the assignment form
  • New Design - All the same functionality and a great new design

See the updates here and how to create an assignment with the new design.





Additional Features and Updates by Product Area



  • Android v 1.6 - Download in Google Play
    • Fast Funds - Get paid now. Freelancers can Fast Fund eligible assignments and get paid instantly the day the assignment is approved
    • Profile Display - View Work Market profile


  • iPhone v 1.3 - Download from the App Store
    • Fast Funds - Get paid now. Freelancers can Fast Fund eligible assignments and get paid instantly the day the assignment is approved
    • 3rd Party Upload Support - Upload deliverables and attachments from other file storage apps such as iCloud, Dropbox & Google Drive
    • Applied Jobs -View assignments you have applied to
    • Counteroffer With Expense - Add expenses when counter-offering on an assignment


New Company Onboarding Updates 

  • Add Employees - We’ve made it easier to add your employees during setup and assignment them permission to use Work Market. Follow the simple wizard to add your employees individually or in bulk to Work Market.



  • Configure Assignments -  We've added a simple set of steps to help new companies walk through setting your assignment preferences prior to send your first assignment.



Work Market API Updates and Maintenance - Each release we continue to update our APIs and introduce new functionality and stability to our platform. API maintenance in this release includes: 
  • Increased automated testing and coverage for new APIs and endpoints
  • New APIs deployed to a sandbox environment for customer testing
  • Enhanced logging, monitoring, and tracing of API activity
  • Ensuring new APIs and endpoints are backward compatible with legacy ones  



Worker Services Updates - We added additional services for freelancers

  • SimpliLearn - Online course and certifications from Microsoft, Google, Hadoop, MongoDB, Salesforce, Java and more.
  • CompTIA - Work Market has partnered with CompTIA to give our talent access to IT certification that companies are looking for.
  • Painless1099 - Software for managing tax savings for freelance workers


 January '17 Product Webinar Recording:  

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